About Us

This isn't an ordinary "About us" page that you usually see online.

And that's because we don't generally do "ordinary" things...

That's why back in 2017, while being university students, we started a business brand called "Business Review Greece" using our laptops and having the huge amount of 0$ to invest.

Today, BR is one of the biggest business brands in Greece, with over 300.000 website visitors annually, and more than 50.000 followers combined across platforms.

We are also the hosters of podcast "BusinessTalks", which is the No1 business podcast in Greece.



business podcast


website visitors


TikTok Views

Alright, enough bragging.

Let's get to the juicy stuff.. keep reading.

You see, when we started our business, we wanted to grow our audience and get more and more reach.

Build awareness and a brand identity that is going to make an impact.

In order for us to achieve that with absolutely no budget, we had to find other ways to build our audience.And that's when it happened...

That's when we got crazy-obsessed with organic content & marketing.

And after days, weeks, months and years of trying new things,
testing & reading...

after countless trials & errors, analyzing statistics
and producing content...

Things finally started to take off. Like a rocket.

And we never looked back since then.

Using content marketing strategies, we built our way as an industry
leading brand, from being just a student's fun project a few years back.

Woh! Okay! So now what?

Well, you know what they say...

Once is Chance, twice is Coincidence, third time's a Pattern!

That's why we had to do it again, with different brands in different industries. And that's exactly what we did as freelancers.

Guess what? It worked everytime!


Our past trials & errors became our client's strenghts.

Our understanding of digital platforms and organic growth, saved our clients thousands of dollars of wasted ads budget.

On 2021, due to high services demand, we decided it was about time to quit our jobs and lazer - focus on our second business.

That's when Blue Rocket - Content Marketing Agency was created!

Our mission is to help businesses grow exponentially by creating content, while reducing their advertisting spent.

And in order to achieve this massive mission, you need a great team with you.

Time to introduce you our amazing team:


Dimitris Vlamis - Managing Director


Alexis Pantziaros - Executive Director


Charis Athanasiou - Brand Manager


Alex Apergis - SEO Manager


Bill Andrianopoulos - Creative Director

If you think we will get along, smash the button.